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Born to a Canadian mother and Maōri (New Zealand) Father, Mackai has been filmmaking and creating since he was 8 years old, often fostering and researching his own arts education as no school programs would accept him to study due to his early age. 

After a turbulent public highschool experience he dropped out and completed his high school online. You can view Mackai's photo series addressing his experiences as a queer person going through the public school system here : “Kill Yourself.” 

Since graduation, his work has been screened internationally with his films playing across North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Adjacent to filmmaking, his work in photography both reporting and creative has been seen in exhibition and published nationally.  

As of 2022, Mackai identifies as a Filmmaker/Photographer/Creative Director but that is all subject to change as he continues exploring new mediums and formats to better share his stories and translate his thoughts into a mutual language. 

(Mackai is based on Vancouver Island, but is available globally.) 

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I live + create on the unceded territory of the K’ómoks Nation.

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